Transatlantic 2022 — La Palma; Continuing on Pérez de Brito, then on to Castillo de Santa Catalina

Back on Calle Anselmo Pérez de Brito and heading north

Today I’m taking you on a stroll that begins on Pérez de Brito and winds up at a castle dating back to 1685, or even 131 years earlier if you count the original structure built at that location. But before we arrive there, let’s have some colorful fun along this magnificent pedestrian street, which is a continuation of Calle O’Daly and Calle Real.

If Doors, Windows, Balconies, and Color are your thing…

You may have noticed from past articles and myriad Fun Photo Fridays that I love photographing architectural details, and I have a particular affinity for the more mundane — interesting doors, balconies and such. Pérez de Brito really fed into that.

A little photographic HDR (High Dynamic Range) fun.

Once again, the hilltop views along Pérez de Brito give great shots above the heads of tourists roaming below:

View along Perez de Brito

And those gorgeous side streets looking toward Santa Cruz de La Palma’s black sand beaches! Here’s a view of Calle Baltasar Martín taken from Pérez de Brita:

Calle Baltasar Martín

Let’s now continue upon:

You’ll love the tiled street signs here

And another picturesque and colorful side street. This time it’s Calle Santa Catalina. But this photo wasn’t taken from Pérez de Brito. We’ve turned left onto Calle el Castillette.

Calle Santa Catalina

It is at this point, the intersection of Calle el Castillette and Calle Santa Catalina, that we’re now only about 165 feet/50 meters from our next destination. You’ll know you’re just about there when you stumble across this next fun little side street, Calle Méndez Cabezola:

Calle Méndez Cabezola

We’ve now arrived. Here is:

Castillo de Santa Catalina (Saint Catherine’s Castle)

With this convenient plaque to prove it:

St. Catherine’s Castle

Let me zoom in on the English portion of this historical marker so you may read up on this wonderful castle:

St. Catherine’s Castle information.

For more information, here’s an informative article on this 17th century fort Castillo de Santa Catalina (La Palma). One more photo before I leave you until this week’s Fun Photo Friday. This is the castle gate with the moat bridge in the foreground:

The moat access to Castillo de Santa Catalina

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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