Palomas, Mexico; More on The Pink Store

Pottery at The Pink Store

The last several times we’ve visited The Pink Store there is one particular sculpture that has really intrigued me, but we have no place large enough to display it. This sculpture is large, carved from wood, and meticulously painted in rich detail and color on both sides. It’s another depiction of Saint Michael:

Saint Michael statue (front) with scales and a sword
Saint Michael statue (back)

Need a table that will attract as much attention as any art you might place upon it? Take a look at these two examples:

A pair of woven tables with an animal theme

A common art theme in Mexico is the combination Sun and Moon. These are often quite colorful when in ceramic, and at The Pink Store you can even find metal ones made as wall light fixtures.

Ceramic Sun/Moon with village depiction
Sun/Moon wall sconces
Sun/Moon wall art (The Pink Store kitchen visible in the window)

One way in which Ivonne Romero displays her light fixtures here at The Pink Store is by hanging some of them on large metal stands. Pick and choose, then get a store employee to take it down and pack it up for you:

Displaying light fixtures at The Pink Store

I mentioned last Friday in my review of The Pink Store‘s restaurant that you also have the option of dining al fresco on the back patio:

Back patio at The Pink Store

I’ll leave you today with the following photo gallery/slide show from both The Pink Store and from desert flowers I photographed this past April:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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