Southern Caribbean Cruising — Dominica; Soufrière and Bubble Beach

Heading back north from Scotts Head, our next stop was the small fishing village of Soufrière (good article on things to see and do in Soufrière at this link: 11 Amazing Things to Do in Soufrière, Dominica. Here you’ll find Bubble Beach, in which small Champagne-like bubbles gently rise to the surface from a volcanic vent below. There is even a Bubble Beach Spa here to take advantage of it all, but you can get those bubbles for free just by stepping off the public beach into the water. And, yes, I did a lousy job of capturing those bubbles, but here you go:

The “bubbles” at Bubble Beach

Soufrière, to me, is all about the color. I’ll talk a little on Wednesday about some other Soufrière sights, such as St. Mark’s Church, but for today I’m going to let the following images do the rest of the talking along with a couple more images from Scotts Head (the last two gallery photos below are Scotts Head, Caribbean side):

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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