Southern Caribbean Cruising — Grenadines; Bequia

Port Elizabeth, Bequia, Grenadines

We left Port Elizabeth behind, but we would be back later that day after a beachside lunch. But for now we had places to go and things to do, so we headed west along the Bequia coastline. Along the way we passed some pretty impressive yachts:

Not quite Russian oligarch standards, but…

Our next sight was quite unique. It’s called Moonhole, and it has a fun history. It’s a 30-acre/12-ha site upon which a private rental community was founded in the 1960s. Several of the buildings along the shoreline were ravaged by a hurricane and remain abandoned. Currently Moonhole contains eleven privately owned homes and several rentals that go for a good chunk of change.

If you are curious as to how this site acquired the Moonhole moniker, the answer lies in the image below. The original Moonhole house was home to Tom and Gladdie Johnston, who built this impressive structure in the shadow of a huge natural volcanic arch. During certain times of the year moonlight streams through the arch and glistens on the waters below:

The original Moonhole home beneath a natural arch

It was near Moonhole where we weighed anchor to allow some to venture off the catamaran for a snorkeling adventure. Yes, those who partook reported the waters were on the chilly side:

Bequia snorkeling
Clear, coolish waters of Bequia

Did I mention that it was chilly? Our intrepid adventurers didn’t last too long in those waters. Within perhaps half an hour to forty-five minutes all were back aboard. It was time to head back east for lunch along the beach near Port Elizabeth. Strict social distancing rules applied. We had to maintain distance from the locals, head straight from the catamaran to the dining venue, and then straight back. No detours. So, we beached the catamaran in Lower Bay just long enough to disembark, which involved wading a short distance.

Then the catamaran anchored offshore:

Our steed awaits our return

Time to snap a quick panorama of Lower Bay with Port Elizabeth in the distance:

Lower Bay panorama

Then head off to an island lunch consisting of beans and rice, cabbage salad, plantains, mac and cheese, fried fish, and grilled chicken with an island hot sauce if you dare:

Bequia lunch

Most people found the lunch a bit lacking, but I enjoyed it. Of course I had to accompany that with a local beer:

Hairoun lager

After lunch it was back aboard and a quick swing by Port Elizabeth before heading back to Saint Vincent:.

Port Elizabeth, Bequia
Port Elizabeth, Bequia

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