Transatlantic — Mijas Contemporary Art Centre; Hello, Dali

Ursula had a destination she wanted to visit on our walk along Calle Málaga. And since I’m a huge fan of Salvador Dalí, I was anxious to see the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (Center of Contemporary Art — CAC) as well. Of course, it wouldn’t be a museum for modern art if, in Spain, you weren’t greeted by the master himself, Mr. Pablo Picasso:

Pablo Picasso greets you at the door

Most of the pieces here are not originals. Indeed, we have a few Salvador Dalí pieces ourselves, with original signatures, and several of our pieces were also on view here at the museum:

The museum is on two floors, and you can comfortably browse through it in under half an hour. For the minimal cost of admission, I’d say it’s worth the viewing.

A trio of Picassos

The display areas are nicely lighted, the walls bright, and the art uncrowded:

Contemporary Art Centre

Time to say “goodbye” to ol’ Pablo…

Bye, Pablo

… and start heading back to rejoin our tour group. Back on Calle Málaga at the colorful Terraza Panoramica:


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