Transatlantic — The streets of Mijas

Mijas, Spain

If you want me to give you a street-by-street tour of where we went and what we saw, I’m afraid I must disappoint you. Once you get into Mijas the narrow streets curve and bend as you traipse up and down hills. The buildings are all charming in their own way, but you soon get lost in a sea of whitewashed façades that offer little to distinguish them. But these buildings are brightly decorated with colorful flowers rising from myriad pots affixed to walls and balcony railings:

Flowerpots galore

The occasional produce and seafood shops offer another colorful subject for your camera:

Fresh seafood

But don’t forget that all important bottle of wine:

Wines in stock

Until this week’s Fun Photo Friday, I’ll just leave you with these images to whet your appetite:

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