Northern Ireland — Giant’s Causeway; Mosaics in the ground

We begin Week 2 of our look at Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway. Today I’ll be concentrating, but not completely fixating, upon the basalt mosaic patterns seen in much of this area rather than the columns.

Giant’s Causeway mosaic pattern

It seemed to me that most of the columns lay further from shore, and the ground level mosaic patterns were closer to the water.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

This didn’t appear to be solely due to erosion, as the tops of the exposed columns were mostly perpendicular to the column. Erosion only appeared to become a factor right along the shoreline.

Columns and erosion

But as you move away from the sea, the columns become taller, more pronounced, and display a beautiful orange hue:

Giant’s Causeway basalt columns

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