Circumnavigating New Zealand — Auckland; Taking in more sights

Superleggera DBS

So, today we’ll just cruise around Auckland and take in some more sightseeing. And, yes, even in late fall you’ll find blooming flowers on the North Island:

Auckland in Bloom

I know. I know. You’ve seen it before. But, I do so love the classic look of the Auckland Ferry Building:

Ferry Building

Up until this day I had never heard of a “rechargery”. Just kidding. Big Street Rechargery is the name of a business specializing in repair, rental, and recharging of electric bicycles:

Big Street Rechargery

Here is the view looking up beneath Sky Tower:

Beneath Sky Tower

We’ve seen the new (above), so let’s finish today with a look at the old. Here’s a neat little architectural detail we stumbled across at 118 Queen Street:

118 Queen Street


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4 responses to “Circumnavigating New Zealand — Auckland; Taking in more sights

  1. Have only been there once, and that was just a one-day port visit, but really enjoyed our time there and would enjoy going back sometime. Enjoyed the photos!

  2. valerieb001

    Auckland is a must see! Beautiful photos, Doug!