Circumnavigating New Zealand — Auckland; Viaduct Basin area

Sky Tower in the distance

Time to head back to the Auckland Waterfront, hang a left, and proceed over to the Viaduct Basin and then on to Wynyard Quarter. Viaduct Basin is a harbor for some high-end boats, yachts, and upscale residences with some fine dining as well.

Seein’ Red

It’s a very fun area to photograph, especially if you like boats and still water for reflections:

Still waters

Continue west along Eastern Viaduct and you cross into the ASB North Wharf and Wynard Quarter areas for more colorful scenery. ASB North Wharf begins at the tidal steps, upon which the couple below are sitting, and offers up some colorful architecture:

ASB North Wharf

Just beyond that, to your right along Eastern Viaduct, is an area of reclaimed land along Waitematā Harbour. Here you’ll find a bulk liquid tank farm with an interesting color scheme:

Bulk liquid storage at Wynyard Quarter


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2 responses to “Circumnavigating New Zealand — Auckland; Viaduct Basin area

  1. Auckland is another place I wish we had had more time to explore. Really enjoyed what we did get to see however.