Circumnavigating New Zealand — Napier’s Sunken Gardens

Napier Sunken Gardens

Today we backtrack a little from our first look at downtown Napier by going back to our northbound trek along Marine Parade and the shoreline. Just before reaching downtown you’ll stumble across Napier’s Sunken Gardens. As you can tell from the right side of the photo below, the gardens truly are ‘sunken’, in that they reside below Marine Parade street level. This provides one with a sense of removal from the bustling city just a short distance away.

Napier Sunken Gardens

There is more to see here than just flora, however. There are sculptures:

Napier Sunken Gardens

As well as a fountain, and even a picturesque repurposed waterwheel:

Napier Sunken Gardens

But let’s take time to sit back and smell the flowers:



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2 responses to “Circumnavigating New Zealand — Napier’s Sunken Gardens

  1. Great images! Would love to spend a day or two here!