Circumnavigating New Zealand — Six Sisters and Downtown Napier

Side of building at 159 Marine Parade

In addition to the walk along the beach, make sure you also take in the sights on the parallel Marine Parade. If not, you’ll be missing some pretty interesting sights. One of those sights is an impressive group of Victorian-style homes called the Six Sisters:

Six Sisters — 1891

These houses were built in 1891 by architect Robert Lamb for his six daughters. Today these beauties are occupied by businesses rather than home owners:

Six Sisters — 1891

But even so, they do retain their charm:

Six Sisters — 1891

These Victorians are actually a bit of an oddity in comparison with Napier architecture, which appeared to me to run more toward Art Deco.

Charleston Pharmacy on Hastings Street

Continuing north along Marine Parade you eventually wind up reaching Emerson Street, which appears to be the main shopping and entertainment area for Napier. You’ll know you’ve reached Emerson when you see the green dome of a rather large Art Deco building housing several businesses, including a bed-and-breakfast and a bar:

Green Dome on Marine Parade and Emerson Street

Hang a left and you’re on Emerson. Along the way you’ll see such nifty little gems as these:



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  1. And the adventure continues. What a great trip, thanks for letting the ret of us “tag along”.