Circumnavigating New Zealand — Christchurch; Exploring City Mall (Cashel St.)

Bridge of Remembrance archway

You might think that with well over two dozen choices that we made Riverside Market our lunchtime venue. Alas, we did not. The sit-down restaurants with available tables did not appeal to us, and the common area tables at which one could dine from a stall were uniformly occupied. We would be heading elsewhere, it seemed.

Riverside Market

So, we exited Riverside Market, upon which I stumbled across this classic Morris Minor panel van:

Morris Minor panel van

North of Riverside Market lies Cashel Street. Sections of Cashel Street comprise a pedestrian mall known as City Mall. Other than foot traffic, the only thing you’ll have to dodge here is the tramway, telltale signs of which you can see here:

City Mall/Cashel Street

And here comes a tram now!

Christchurch Tram turning onto Cashel Street from Oxford Terrace

So, where to eat? Ursula is quite fond of Malysian hawker-style food, and we found just the ticket on Cashel Street just east of Oxford Terrace. This is Hawker & Roll, and it’s well worth seeking out for lunch. The food transported us right back to Singapore.

Hawker & Roll

Oh my goodness. Would you just look at the time. We have to get back to the tour bus for our return to Akaroa, so it’s time to head back over the Bridge of Remembrance. And considering that today is Armistice Day (now called Veterans Day here in the U.S.) I can think of nothing more appropriate than a shot of a World War I tribute:

Bridge of Remembrance

To all my fellow veterans, thank you for your valiant service in the defense of our nation. To veterans of Allied militaries (ANZAC, NATO forces, and myriad others), my thanks to you as well.


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