Circumnavigating New Zealand — Akaroa; Looking around town

Overlooking Akaroa Harbour

Akaroa is located on the roughly circular Banks Peninsula. Most of the photos shown this week were taken on our visit in 2019, but the shot above if from our return visit in 2020. On a road trip we went to Christchurch, and the view above was taken high above Akaroa Harbour. But let’s head back into town for the rest of today and this week’s Fun Photo Friday:

Rue Jolie near Walnut Place

We viewed some of the charming and colorful building of Akaroa on Monday’s article, such as Fire & Ice:

Fire & Ice jewelry and aroma therapy

And here is a nifty little piece of Italianate architecture that houses a combination theater and event hall with a kitchen and supper room, The Gaiety Theatre:

The Gaiety Theatre

But on Monday I promised that today would highlight a more nautical theme, so let’s head on out toward the harbor and take in the views from the pier to which our ship’s tenders were moored:

Akaroa Harbour
The hills above Akaroa
Majestic Princess awaits

The quaint aqua colored building below is the Akaroa Boat Shed, for events and functions:

Akaroa Boating Club Hall

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