Circumnavigating New Zealand — Dunedin Railway Station Architecture

Dunedin Railway Station — south side

Lower Stuart Street in Dunedin ends at ANZAC Square. And across from ANZAC Square you’ll find an exquisite example of Neo-Renaissance architecture. This is the George Trope designed Dunedin Railway Station. George Trope became so associated with this work that he earned the nickname “Gingerbread George”, and for obvious reasons.

Dunedin Railway Station

This is one impressive work of architecture, and the façade provides many details for the photographer, beginning with the clocktower on the station’s south side:

Dunedin Railway Station Clocktower

If you’re wondering why the flag is at half-mast, it’s because these photographs were taken two days after the horrific Christchurch mosque shootings perpetrated by a pathetic, cowardly Australian white supremacist on 15 March 2019. This tragic event cast a pall throughout our 2019 visit.

Flag at half-mast following the Christchurch mosque shootings two days before

But, enough said about that despicable loser. Let’s focus today instead on the beautiful architectural details of the magnificent Dunedin Railway Station (on Wednesday we’ll head inside):

Dunedin Railway Station details

Dunedin Railway Station details

Dunedin Railway Station details

Dunedin Railway Station details

And I’ll leave you today with this last exterior shot of the station as seen from Castle Street looking across ANZAC Square:

Dunedin Railway Station



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  1. Back during Vietnam days I got to know a few NZ sailors and although I do not remember names I do remember that one was from Dunedin. It was nice to see some images from his hometown. Nicely done, Doug!