Rarotonga, Cook Islands — Dining Al Fresco at the Muri Night Market

Dining al fresco at the Muri Night Market

Yes, you can eat cheaply on Rarotonga. And well. And with lots of choices.

Baby Pancakes

Four times a week, weather permitting, in the heart of Muri Beach Village on Rarotonga’s east coast is the famous Muri Night Market.


Here you’ll find island food, desserts, Chinese and Indian inspired vendors, and even American favorites such as . . .

There’s even pizza!

Here is a sampling of some of the menus you’ll find here:

My favorite place was the Noodle Tent.

My favorite — the Noodle Tent

Interesting story here the first night we went — the charming lady you see above took orders and plated the food. Her husband is in the background doing the cooking. Neither had change for my order. Even so, she gave my order of noodles to me and told me to come back later. Which I did, as soon as I got change at another tent selling desserts. Here’s my scrumptious noodle order being prepared:

Great Noodles!

This is a really great place to get some of the local flavor (pun intended) and mingle with the locals as well as the tourists staying near Muri Beach. Indeed, our bungalow was within about a ten-minute walk of the Night Market.


The cooks really know their way around a hotplate, or a grill:

Cooking at the Muri Night Market

But get to the Muri Night Market early, because the vendors start selling out of their most popular items fairly quickly. Once something on the menu is gone, it’s gone!

Lots of choices at the Muri Night Market

The Muri Night Market is open from 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday and on Sunday. But, again, get their early or your choices will be limited.

Local Charm


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