Fall Foliage Cruise — The Fall Colors of Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor fall foliage

Today we’re going to continue around Bar Harbor, camera at the ready, with an emphasis on fall foliage, most on or near Main Street. The exception is this quick shot of Cottage Street, which we’ll spend more time exploring next Monday:

Cottage Street, Bar Harbor

If you continue southbound on Main Street you’ll eventually come to the charmingly named Carmen Verandah bar:

Corner of Main Street and Firefly Lane, Bar Harbor

I bring up not so much for the bar (although it did look fun!), but rather what’s just across the street from the Carmen Verandah. This is the Bar Harbor Village Green, and here’s an example of what you’ll find here during fall foliage:

Bar Harbor Village Green

The oranges and reds here are stunning:

Bar Harbor Village Green

Bar Harbor Village Green

But my favorite fall foliage shots include the entire spectrum of fall colors, including the bright yellows and variations of green:

A full spectrum of fall colors

Time to head back up Main Street for some more Bar Harbor views:



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  1. Valerie Butterworth

    I love your photos, Brother! Thank you for sharing.

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