Fall Foliage Cruise — Prince Edward Island; Touring the Sights

Port Charlottetown

So, to recap, Adventure of the Seas landed at Port Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island on October 10 of this year. From here we, along with some shipmates, were picked up by Cyril Arsenault of Cyril’s Tours and Tales for a wonderful and entertaining excursion into the countryside.

Cyril’s Tours and Tales — Cyril Arsenault

On Monday I showed you the St. Augustine Catholic Church and briefly discussed the adjacent Farmers’ Bank of Rustico and the Doucet House Museums, all within a very short walking distance of each other.

Farmers’ Bank of Rustico — Basically the first ‘credit union’ in North America

Doucet House (foreground), Farmers’ Bank, St. Augustine (background)

So let’s move on to other sights along the north-central coast of Prince Edward Island, starting with the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse , a wooden structure which stands 26.9 feet/8.2 meters:

Covehead Lighthouse

Now let’s take a look at some of the cliffs visible along the Rue du Gulf Shore Parkway West:

Cliffs alone the Rue du Gulf Shore Parkway West

Cliffs alone the north-central coast of PEI

Next Wednesday I’ll be sharing with you our lunch break at Carr’s Oyster Bar, but for now I’ll just show you the view from the restaurant:

The view from Carr’s Oyster House

And for today I’ll finish up with this image taken from near the Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silver Bush, which we’ll also explore next Wednesday:

The view from Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silver Bush

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