Transatlantic — Iceland; Saurbæjarkirkja


Well into 19th century it was common in Iceland to build community churches using stone walls and thick turf roofs. While once commonplace, today only half a dozen such structures still remain throughout the country. Saurbæjarkirkja is one of those:


Saurbæjarkirkja is directly behind the Museum of Sundry Objects, which I showed you a couple of weeks ago. It’s about five minutes’ walk from the museum, and well worth the stroll up the hill.

Saurbæjarkirkja and nearby hills

In the church yard is a cemetery:

Saurbæjarkirkja Cemetery

Saurbæjarkirkja headstone

The church interior is rustic, with a lot of rich wood. But pay particular attention to the detail in the wooden ceiling holding up the turf roof:

Inside Saurbæjarkirkja

Saurbæjarkirkja appears to be situated on farmland, as it sits mere meters away from this farm house and associated structures:

Saurbæjarkirkja (left); farm house and structures (right)

Stable next to Saurbæjarkirkja

Make sure on your visit to glance around at the surrounding hills:

Saurbæjarkirkja area hills

Saurbæjarkirkja area


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