Transatlantic — Iceland Golden Circle; Thingvellir

Ursula at Thingvellir

The geology here in Thingvellir National Park is simply amazing. Igneous rock is in evidence everywhere, as you would expect in the rift valley of an active volcanic region.

Thingvellir igneous rock

But it’s the sheer cliffs lining the Almannagjá fault gorge which I found most fascinating.

Almannagjá Fault Gorge

Almannagjá Fault Gorge

This next image is of the nearby, very quaint Thingvellir Church:

Thingvellir Church

But let’s return to looking at the Almannagjá fault and it’s vegetation:

Thingvellir igneous rock

Almannagjá Fault Gorge

For some really fascinating reading on the geology of this area, see Geology and tectonics of Þingvellir.


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