Transatlantic — Continuing in Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand Old Town

I teased you on Monday with a photograph of the Christiansholm Fortress, which dates back to 1672. Here’s another view:

Christiansholm Fortress

Surprisingly, this old fort was in use all the way into 1872, 200 years after it’s completion:

Christiansholm Fortress

The city center of Kristiansand is the borough of Kvadraturen. Here you will find the Kristiansand Cathedral. with its verdigris-accented roof:

Kristiansand Cathedral

Kristiansand Cathedral is the fourth church to occupy this spot. It was built of brick and cement, and the five-year construction effort reached completion in 1885.

Kristiansand Cathedral

Now for two more views of the Kristiansand Old Town center, beginning with this closeup of the old Kristiansand Fire Station:

Kristiansand Old Fire Station

And lastly a photo of the Norges Bank building:

Norges Bank


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