54 Days at Sea — 1,940 Nautical Miles later; Bermuda

St. George, Bermuda

MS Prinsendam departed Ponta Delgada, Azores, on May 7 and headed west. Five days, 1,940 nautical miles/2,230 statute miles/3,590 kilometers later we arrived off Bermuda, where we tendered into the town of St. George’s.

MS Prinsendam off St. George’s, Bermuda

By now we had lived on MS Prinsendam for forty-nine days, with five days remaining on this almost two-month voyage. And, no, we were not yet homesick!

We wasted little time in St. Georgia’s, as we knew we’d be back later in the day. So, we hopped a ferry and headed Bermuda’s capital, Hamilton. Hamilton is a charming town with some really fun buildings to photograph:

Hamilton, Bermuda

Hamilton, Bermuda

Both of the shops above are worth a visit, by the way. The Irish Linen Shop is a great place for everything from, of course, linens and knickknacks to fragrances and silver dining accents. Gosling Brothers Limited is a liquor shop specializing in rums. Ursula and I visit both shops on whenever we travel to Bermuda.

Leaving behind Hamilton, we traveled to King’s Wharf and the Royal Navy Dockyard. Here you’ll find a fun shopping venue in the guise of the converted naval storehouse known as the Clocktower building. Today it is the Clocktower Mall.

Clocktower Mall, King’s Wharf, Bermuda

A short walk from the Clocktower Mall is a shipyard behind which you’ll find more shops and a restaurant:

King’s Wharf, Bermuda

Later in the day we returned to St. George’s. Here we found a replica of the early 17th century pinnace Deliverance. Deliverance was one of two ships sent from Bermuda sent in 1610 to resupply the Jamestown colony.

The pinnace Deliverance

Now for a few more sights around St. George’s:

St. George, Bermuda

St. George, Bermuda

St. George, Bermuda


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