54 Days at Sea — Lisbon; Santo Justo

São Jorge Castle

There is in Lisbon a very special lift (elevator, for you bloody yanks). This is the Santa Justo lift, designed by Raoul Mesnier du Ponsard, a student of Gustav Eiffel.

Santa Justo Lift

The lift is in the historic Santa Justo district, and the views at the top are great:

View from Santa Justo

View from Santa Justo

View from Santa Justo

Approaching the Santa Justo district will take you past some pretty awesome sights, such as the façade of the old Eden Teatro, a cinema that opened back in 1931. The façade remains, but behind it now the Orion Eden Hotel:

Eden Teatro

To the left of the Eden Teatro is the  Hotel Avenida Palace, built in 1892:

Hotel Avenida

And standing in front of both is the Monument to the Restorers, situated in the Praça dos Restauradores (Square of the Restorers):

Monument to the Restorers

One final Lisbon street scene for today:

Lisbon, Portugal

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