54 Days at Sea — Arriving into Lisbon, Portugal

Jerónimos Monastery

MS Prinsendam left Cádiz, Spain, on May 2, and arrived early the next morning. Ursula and I departed the ship and head out on foot to the west, which took us along the marina and beneath the 25 de Abril (25th of April) Bridge (the statue of the opposite bank of the Tagus River is the Sanctuary of Christ the King):

25 de Abril (25th of April) Bridge

Continuing west along the Targus we came across the rather impressive Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument of the Discoveries). The figure at the apex of the ramp, visible from both sides of the monument, is a depiction of Prince Henry the Navigator:

Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument of the Discoveries)

And just a short distance beyond Padrão dos Descobrimentos is the Torre de Belém (Belém Tower). Torre de Belém was built in the early 16th century, and it served as a defensive fortification protecting the mouth of the Tagus River and the city of Lisbon beyond:

Belém Tower

There’s even a nifty bronze model of this UNESCO World Heritage site:

Belém Tower in bronze

If you backtrack from Torre de Belém, then turn north at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, you’ll soon arrive at the Jerónimos Monastery (another UNESCO World Heritage site; completed in 1601). It is here that Ursula and I lucked out, as the Lisbon changing of the guard completes their terminates at this point (more on that Wednesday). What made us lucky is that this parade only takes place once a month, on the third Sunday of the month. Yet, this particular day was a Monday, and very early in the month (May 3rd), so there must have been something special going on.

Jerónimos Monastery

Lisbon was an overnight stop for MS Prinsendam before beginning our return transatlantic crossing. As such, I easily have three weeks’ worth of photos of this destination to share with you. So, until Wednesday, I’ll leave you with these images:

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

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