54 Days as Sea — Gustavia, St Barthélemy

MS Prinsendam in Gustavia, St Barthélemy

We reached our first port on the third day of our voyage, arriving at the French Caribbean island of St Barthélemy outside the capital city of Gustavia. In French, St Barthélemy is truncated to Saint-Barth, while much of the rest of the Caribbean and the U.S. calls it simply Saint Barts.

Gustavia, St Barthélemy

If it looks from the photos above that there are a lot of very expensive yachts here, that’s because we just happened to hit St. Barts during the annual Bucket Regatta yacht race. More on that later, but first let’s take a quick look around Gustavia:

Gustavia, St Barthélemy

Fellow cruisers in Gustavia

Gustavia, St Barthélemy

Gustavia, St Barthélemy

Gustavia color


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