Ecuador — Hostería la Andaluz; Staying in a Hacienda

Hostería la Andaluza

This magnificent hotel just north of Riobamba, Ecuador, began life as Hacienda Chuquipoguio in 1555, and had been the home of some very rich and powerful families for a couple of hundred years. Today, it is a premier hotel with a lot going for it, not least of which is the exquisite restaurant El Establ0, about which you’ll read on this week’s Fun Food Friday.

Hostería la Andaluza

The entryway is incredible:

Entryway to Hostería la Andaluza

The grounds are incredible.

Hostería la Andaluza

The views are incredible.

View from the “backyard”

The interiors are incredible.

Hostería la AndaluzaTh

The courtyard enclosed by the main hotel building is incredible:

Courtyard at Hostería la Andaluza

The courtyard bunnies are incredible:

Rabbits in the courtyard

That’s just a taste. On Fun Food Friday we’ll explore the restaurant, next week we’ll take a look at more of the old hacienda/hotel, and Friday next week we’ll watch hotel musicians perform native Ecuadorian music to the delight of restaurant patrons.

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