“Ecuador — The Devil’s Nose; Viewing the Devil’s Nose from Sibambe

Devil’s Nose train

Upon reaching Sibambe Station we stepped out of the coaches and trekked around for some stunning vistas, including the Devil’s Nose from which our train had descended just a short while before:

The Devil’s Nose

From here I managed to snag some fun images of the train set against the dramatic backdrop of the surrounding terrain:

Conductor, train, and Devil’s Nose

I also enjoyed compositions featuring the railroad tracks, which required getting the camera low to the ground:


Here’s a view of the station track switch that allows repositioning of the locomotive to the front for the return trip:

Track switch

Around the tracks were colorful local flora and an Ecuadorian in native dress posing alongside his alpaca:


Alpaca and Pal

But it was the train that most drew my interest:

Devil’s Nose locomotive

Wooden passenger cars

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