Ecuador — More on Alausí


The town of Alausí is home to less than 6,000, but it exudes a charm that would fill a larger city. The buildings are colorful:


The food is colorful:

Lunch at El Mesón del Tren

The train station is colorful:

Alausí train station

Alausí train station

The interior of the small nearby church was colorful:

Small church in Alausí

Even the wares on the streets hit you with color:

Colors of Alausí

I’m going to skip ahead and save the Devil’s Nose scenic railroad trip for next week. For now I’d like to mention a charming little place where we ate lunch immediately following our rail journey. This would be El Mesón del Tren (The Inn of the Train), just a few minutes walk from the train station:

El Mesón del Tren

Inside we were greeted with a pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, and good food:

El Mesón del Tren for lunch


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