Fun Photo Friday — Todos Santos Favorites

Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo in Red

All around here in the desert you’ll see a cactus that appears very much to be the saguaro associated with the Sonoran Desert up around Tucson, Arizona.  Tucson is rather dear to me, as it’s where I met and married the love of my life, whom you’ve met in many of my travel articles.  But I digress.  We were talking cactii here.  These cactii at the southern tip of the Baja are not saguaro.  They’re the world’s largest, however — the towering cardón cactus (pachycereus pringlei,or elephant cactus).  These monsters can grow to 70 feet/21 meters and weigh 25 tons/22.7 metric tons!  Here are some smaller examples:

Cardón Cactus — Often confused with Saguaro

Cardón Cactus — Often confused with Saguaro

Below is today’s photo gallery.  Click on any image to enlarge and bring up today’s slide show.  This concluded our journey aboard the Golden Princess as she made her way from Chile to Los Angeles back in March, 2015.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey.


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