El Paso Chihuahuas AAA Baseball — Southwestern University Park

Daytime Panoramic

Daytime Panoramic

Well, I believe this was a first.  For the life of me I simply cannot recall ever having gone to a professional baseball game, although I’m sure I had to have attended at least one sometime in the past six decades.  Nice park, don’t you think?  And just a short while ago it was City Hall (see Getting Even with City Hall).  So, imploding this:

El Paso City Hall

Into this:

Thar she blows!

On the same weekend El Paso also turned this (see The Demolition of a Historic Landmark):

ASARCO Smokestack — briefly the world’s tallest

Into this:

T-I-M-B-E-R !

 Is what got us this:

Nighttime Panoramic

Nighttime Panoramic

And “this” is the award-winning Southwest University Park, voted in 2014 the best new ballpark in the country.  And, just like City Hall, the ballpark is losing money.  But that’s another story.  Anyway, it’s a great park with lots of amenities and some really great but expensive food.  The drinks aren’t cheap, either, as I found out in the Weststar Bank Club.  Yes, that means Ursula and I were suite guests thanks to our good friends and neighbors Jim and Randi Brewer, so I’m definitely not complaining about dropping a buck or two at this rather exclusive club.  In fact, I’d buy the booze again for this wonderful outing.

the Press Box had nothing on our view!

the Press Box had nothing on our view!

Check out the view from our suite location:

Not a full house this night; too much to do on Fridays

Not a full house this night; too much to do on Fridays

Although the “seats” past the outfield looked fun as well for the families who were there:

The "cheap" seats even look fun

The “cheap” seats even look fun

Now for my second video production.  It’s a short (less that a minute and a half) view of the park and the electronic scoreboard:

I haven’t done sports photography since high school football, so I had a lot to learn and a short time to learn it.  I’ll give some pointers on that in this week’s Fun Photo Friday.  Until then, enjoy today’s gallery (just click on any image below to bring up the slide show):



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3 responses to “El Paso Chihuahuas AAA Baseball — Southwestern University Park

  1. Roy Longo

    Doug, you should make more time to attend professional baseball games. Especially minor league games. They are more fan friendly then the big league games and a whole lot cheaper. I try to make 3-4 games a year and never regret it. Thanks for the pictures.

    • You may be right. Both Ursula and I had a blast at this game, so we’ll probably be going back in the future.

      Glad you enjoyed the photos, Roy, and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

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