I Guess I’m Having a Sale

Decisions by R. Doug Wicker

Amazon appears to have put my Publishers Weekly reviewed novel Decisions on sale to $2.99 from its listed price of $4.49.  Don’t ask me why or for how long, but if you order it now for you Kindle or Kindle-enabled device you’ll save $1.50.

Here’s what Publishers Weekly had to say about Decisions:

An Agatha Christie inspired confection stays true to its roots, with enough clues and plot twists to keep the reader guessing until the end. Donovan Grant was an air traffic controller until a post-traumatic stress disorder renders him unfit to continue in the profession. He lands the job as pilot for the exclusive Vai Kai resort in the Fiji Islands where trouble arrives in waves. First Donovan starts having inexplicable blackouts, in which he becomes uncharacteristically violent. Then he ferries in a group that includes actress Kelly LaBrecque and her movie producer ex-husband, Sheldon Larsen. Kelly informs Donovan that every person in their group hates Sheldon’s guts. Finally, a hurricane knocks out the lights long enough for the first murder to occur and it looks like Donovan is the guilty party. Kelly, who seems romantically interested in Donovan, jumps to his defense. The novel is airy fun, carried by its two likeable and witty central characters. — manuscript review by Publishers Weekly, an independent organization

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