Fun Photo Friday — Day of the Dead and Old Town Favorites

Día de Muertos, San Diego Old Town

Día de Muertos, San Diego Old Town

Today I present one final look at San Diego Old Town and the Día de Muertos decorations that were going up throughout, but mostly in the Fiesta de Reyes (Festival of the Kings) commercial area of Old Town.  Click on any image below to bring up today’s colorful slide show.

By the way, if you’re reading this and other material authored by me on The Destinary website, this post was not “Posted on (fill in the date) | By destinary” as they’ve been erroneously claiming; this material was in fact reposted.  The Destinary have also been claiming the right to do so, without links back to the original and without full attribution (“by RDoug” and a nonworking link is not proper attribution) with a rather bizarre interpretation of U.S. copyright law in which they claim I’m responsible for changing my RSS feed settings so that they cannot skim my material for commercial purposes.  That would make reading my blog less convenient for you, which I’m not willing to do.  As such, I’ll be running this little diatribe on all travel related posts until they cease and desist, along with this:

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Final note:  Considering The Destinary is a site listed as owned by Sonia Bosquez-Platt of Indianapolis Tour & Travel, you may want to rethink doing business with her or her company.

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