Hitting the Bus for Acadia National Park

Getting Bussed

Getting Bussed

Ursula was just itching to get out of Bar Harbor and into the Acadia National Park. And since we would have ample time to explore the town later in the day, off we went.

La Fern and Shirly

La Fern and Shirley

One of the first things to strike a visitor is the lush green everywhere one looks. It’s almost reminiscent of a tropical rain forest with pines.

Lone Pine

Lone Pine

But as beautifully lush as the forest is, that’s nothing compared to what you’ll see on Wednesday. Prepare yourself for the rocky shoreline for which Maine is famous. Until then, here is today’s photo gallery slide show:




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3 responses to “Hitting the Bus for Acadia National Park

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  2. corabuhl

    Great shots as always, Doug. Acadia National Park is indeed stunning. I visited it approx. 15 years ago.