The Island of Ibiza

Today I present to you the charming Mediterranean island of Ibiza.  Ibiza is located in the Balearic Islands, which together with Majorca, Minorca, and Formentera form an autonomous community of Spain.  Ibiza is a great place for photography in general, and black-and-white photography specifically.  The rich textures of cobbled streets and old buildings lend themselves quite handily to B&W conversions.  But don’t let the occasional splash of color pass you by.  Even those can be real gems (click on an image to bring up an album of enlargements):



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5 responses to “The Island of Ibiza

  1. Linda

    Beautiful photos! There is so much history that you have taught me Doug, through your photography. Your blog is great. Thank you!! Keep On Keeping On! 🙂

  2. Lovely photos, Doug. It’s great to see the picturesque side of Ibiza, considering that Ibiza and Mallorca are mostly associated with package tourists and young people from all over Europe partying and getting drunk and high.

    • I found Ibiza extremely photogenic. Alas, my only “visit” to Mallorca was to change planes at the airport, so I’ve not had a chance to explore it for photographic subjects, but I’m sure they are there just as they may be found on Ibiza.

      Thanks again for dropping by and giving us all a little European insight. It’s really appreciated.

      • Mallorca does have a lot of lovely and picturesque areas (My Dad was just there with some buddies for a motorbike tour) as well as a beautiful cathedral, but the public image of the island is that of package tourists who clap on airplanes after the landing (Do you have these people in the US? Inexperienced flyers who clap after the aircraft has touched down) and drink alcohol from buckets at Ballermann 6. It’s about as unfair as viewing Florida solely through the lens of girls gone wild and drunk students during spring break, but that’s the prevalent image.