Win Free eBook Copies of Decisions and The Globe

It’s giveaway time here at  Today, one lucky (and geographically smart) individual will win copies of my two murder mysteries:  Decisions and The Globe for their Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, or any Kindle- or Nook-enabled device (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, iPad, PC, or Mac with the Kindle or Nook reading app).  That’s a $6.98 value.  Actually, those two books are a steal at $6.98, but that’s what I sell them for—$2.99 for Decisions and $3.99 for The Globe.

Below are seven photographs of this week’s travel blog destination, the identity of which will be revealed on either Wednesday or Friday (the actual day depends on my readers).

Here’s all you need do to win:  Take a look at the photographs below, read the hints (they’re buried in the captions), and guess the locale.  It’s that easy.  First one to guess correctly and submit to me their answers in the form of a comment wins the prize.  No purchase necessary.  Since comments from first-time commenters are screened before appearing on my blogs, I will review the comments in the order in which they are received by WordPress.

And, please, if you already own one or both of these books, hold back and give someone else a shot at them.

Here are your clues, and best of luck:



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9 responses to “Win Free eBook Copies of Decisions and The Globe

  1. I already have your first book, R. Doug, so I am holding back like you said, but I couldn’t keep my mouth completely shut. This is a really fun idea. Just wanted you to know. 😉

  2. Oh, thanks, Karen. If you think you know this week’s destination, eMail me the answer (so it doesn’t ruin it for someone else) and, if you’re correct, I’ll gift to you a copy of my other novel.

    Then I can still give away copies of both books to another winner.

  3. Jerry Maune

    I will guess Taos New Mexico.

  4. marcus

    I think I know it, but have already purchased both of your ebooks. Decisions was very good, have not started Globe yet. Good luck to all, and enjoy the reads to the winner, and others.

  5. Thank you, Marcus.

    Jerry, Taos would not be a winning guess. But, thanks for dropping by and giving it a shot.

    For more on Taos:

  6. Joe Parnacott


    • Roswell would . . .

      . . . not be correct.

      • Jerry Maune

        I knew it had to be in New Mexico and referred to Georgia O’Keeffe, My initial guess was a large city near the mountains and with the final Clue it came to me it had to be her Mountain from her favorite viewing spot.
        I look forward to reading both books. Thanks Doug

  7. You’re very welcome, Jerry. And, thanks for stopping by to let everyone know how you figured it all out.