Fun Foto Friday

Views, sunsets, and views of sunsets.  El Paso has it all.  If you’re squeamish about heights, then perhaps the Wyler Aerial Tramway is not for you.  But keeping your two feet firmly planted upon the ground doesn’t mean that you have to miss out of views of this magnificent gem of the Chihuahuan Desert.  There are other views that may be reached by automobile or, if you’re so inclined, even bicycle.  One such place is Scenic Drive.

Unfortunately on this particular day we had in the air a thick layer of smoke.  No, not urban smog.  This smog was of the forest fire variety—in this case, from the devastating Whitewater-Baldy fire in the Gila National Forest several hundred miles west northwest of El Paso.  Yeah, the fire was that bad.  The daytime shots below were taken on June 3, and the smoke was much worse than it appears.  I managed to marginally mitigate the smokey effects by upping the contrast and increasing saturation in post-processing.

But visibility-reducing smoke during the day often means spectacular skies with vivid colors after sunset.  The twilight pictures shown below were taken June 12 after sunset.  The camera used was my new Canon PowerShot G1 X set atop a carbon fiber tripod.  Shot settings were ISO 100, 1 second exposures, with f-Stop set between f2.8 and f5.6.  Final images were tweaked in post processing for color saturation and contrast.



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3 responses to “Fun Foto Friday

  1. So beautiful, R. Doug! Thanks for a peaceful respite in my otherwise insane Friday.

  2. What a beautiful palette! Just striking.

  3. Karen, Monica, thanks so much for stopping by.