Day Trip from Saint-Malo—Mont-Saint-Michel

Our transatlantic crossing from Bermuda ended eight days after it began, in Saint-Malo, France.  We met up with our Cruise Critic travel group for a day trip that took is first to Mont-Saint-Michel and then later that day to . . . well, that’s the subject of Wednesday’s blog.  As for Mont-Saint-Michel, the name might not be familiar but the images of this small tidal island are iconic.  If you ever make it to the Brittany, you owe yourself a visit to this incredible place of enchantment.  Unfortunately, that may be difficult for a while.  Starting at the end of this month, the one road to this commune will be closed as the final stage in a reconstruction aimed at removing centuries of accumulated silt to make Mont-Saint-Michel a true tidal island once again.

Just how popular is this place?  Here’s an interesting pair of statistics:  Population in 2006—41  Total visitors in 2006—3,000,000+.

A few words of caution for your visit:  It’s a long, high trek to get to the top of the monastery that towers over the residents below.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Be prepared to take breaks along the way.  The least crowded way to make most of the ascent is along the fortress walls rather than through the shops lining the meandering streets.  You’ll also be greeted to some spectacular photographic subjects if you take this route.  Save the cobblestone streets and the associated shopping for the leisurely gait back toward sea level.

Rather than even attempt to give you some fifteen hundred years’ worth of history on Mont-Saint-Michel, here are some links you may find of interest:

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Mont-Saint-Michel—Official Web Site

Picture?  Did you ask if I had pictures?  What do you think?


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3 responses to “Day Trip from Saint-Malo—Mont-Saint-Michel

  1. Gorgeous! Hey, R. Doug, hope you had a great trip and thanks for the nice message on my blog.

  2. Linda

    Doug, once again you have taken my breath away with your spectacular pictures. You should publish a travelogue book with your adventures & make it a picture book!! 🙂
    All the best to you and Ursula – Linda

  3. Karen and Linda—thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a message.