On the Go in Saint-Malo

Having survived our perilous trans-Atlantic crossing from the wilds of Bermuda, we landed some seven days later in Saint-Malo, France.  During the approach to Saint-Malo, the MS Ryndam passed several ancient fortifications, light beacons, and yachting communities, many of which you will see in the photographs below.

But we didn’t actually step inside this walled city of Brittany until much later that day.  Instead, we first went . . . but wait—that’s the subject of the next two blogs and I simply don’t want to spoil the surprise just quite yet.

Inside the walls of Saint-Malo we discovered many delights, not least of which were the myriad pastry and chocolate shops.  Alas, we didn’t have much time to fully explore this charming, formerly independent republic dating back to the Middle Ages.

As we awaited the tender back to the MS Ryndam, we were treated to a rare and quite spectacular sun dog display.  The picture doesn’t really do the colored spectrum justice, but it comes close in showing the startling effect it presented to the audience below.


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3 responses to “On the Go in Saint-Malo

  1. Linda

    Hey Doug – Popped in again to enjoy your beautiful pictures. You should have a fun time describing some of the sights you saw – maybe in one of your books. Do you sail? That would be beautiful to be on a sailboat out there. :~) We have a Trailer Sailer and love it. Until next time. Ladyhawk

  2. Never heard the term “Trailer Sailer” before. Had to go look it up:

    All my books are set in locale’s I’ve personally visited and with which I have some familiarity, so you may very well see these locations in a future work.

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