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Fall Foliage Cruise — New Brunswick; St. Martins Sea Caves and Lunch

St. Martins Sea Caves at high tide

Another place we visited twice this day was the area of the St. Martins Sea Caves. As with previous places we visited twice, the purpose was for Diane Howarth of Go Fundy Tours to show us the same location at both low and high tide. The other purpose for our visit here was lunch, which we’ll get to shorty. But first, let’s take a look at the caves during that morning’s low tide:

Low Tide at St. Martins Sea Caves

As you can see, the Bay of Fundy waters along this stretch of beach have receded considerably. Here is a close up of the caves, which you to walk to during low tide:

Low Tide at St. Martins Sea Caves

So, how did this scene look just three hours later? Let’s take a look, first at the beach:

St. Martins Sea Caves at high tide

No way you’re going to stroll over to those caves now! Here’s a telephoto view of the caves:

St. Martins Sea Caves at high tide

On this beach are two restaurants. One is famous for their fish and chips, the other for the seafood chowder. Ursula got out voted by the group, so we headed over to the Seaside Restaurant & Takeout:

Seaside Restaurant for fish & chips

But, oddly enough, Seaside advertises outside that their seafood chowder is award winning, so Ursula was not too disappointed. She opted to give this chowder a try, but we both found it a bit lacking. It looks rich, and the pools of butter on top appeared inviting, but the chowder itself was a bit watery. Fortunately, the taste was good (not great), and seafood was abundant:

Seaside Restaurant’s seafood chowder

Most of the rest of our group had the fish & chips, which also came with cole slaw. The slaw was yummy, and the fish both tasty and crunchy, but the chips left a little to be desired. They came not quite fresh from the fryer and lacked the hearty crunch one craves with such fare:

Seaside Restaurant’s fish & chips

We’re about to finish up our fall foliage cruise, but we’re not done yet with Adventure of the Seas. Not only was this a fall foliage adventure, it was also a repositioning cruise that would soon take us south. Our last views of the fall foliage portion of the cruise will appear on this week’s Fun Photo Friday. Wednesday we’ll made a quick return to Quaco Head Light, then take in a scenic overlook of Saint John. Until then, here’s one last look at the St. Martins Sea Caves and the Bay of Fundy at high tide:

St. Martins Sea Caves on the Bay of Fundy at high tide


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