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Fun Photo Friday — MS Ryndam Photo Contest

Regular followers of this blog will recall that I asked for their assistance in choosing pictures to enter into the MS Ryndam’s photo contest for this cruise (H*E*L*P — Advice Needed).  Passengers were allowed one entry in each of four categories.  Those categories and the associated entries you helped me to select were:


Guesthouse — The Bicycle


Door Framed in Blue


The Cell Phone Break

and Animals:

“Sure Hope Nobody’s Watchin’ This”

Results?  Pretty good.  You’ll recall that my first inclination for the people category was to enter this little gem, but you all overwhelmingly talked me out of it:

The Smoke Break

You were right and I was wrong.  Your choice took first place.  Thanks, readers.

Also in first was my entry for the Animals category.

Two out of four categories.  I’ll take that as a win any day, thanks to you all.


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H*E*L*P — Advice Needed

Some of you may recall that during our 54-day cruise aboard Holland America’s MS Prinsendam back in April/May 2010 that I entered the ship’s photo contest.  That trip there were three categories, of which I placed first in one and third in another.

Well, it’s that time again.  This time there are four categories, and entries are due on Thursday the 14th.  Passengers will judge the photos on Friday the 15th, and winners will be announced the following day.

So, of the more than 1,400 photographs that I’ve kept this long voyage (culled from many more snapped over the course of the cruise), I need to narrow down my selection to one of each — landscape, people, animals, and objects.

I would love for my regular blog followers to give me a hand in the selection.  Below is a gallery of my final nineteen selections (with immeasurable help from Ursula).  Obviously I’ve already settled on the animal category, as there’s only one in the gallery that fits.  But I’d really like your views on selecting the others.

Please review the gallery below (click on any one image to bring up a slideshow of the potential entries).  Each photograph is already titled and ready for me to take ships photo office.


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