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Transatlantic 2022 — Palma de Mallorca; Catedral de Mallorca and Street Scenes

Passeig Dalt Murada (Walk Atop the Wall) viewed from Palma Cathedral

Today’s article continues our trek from the Royal Palace of La Almudaina to the Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, also known a La Seu. But before we get there, I’ll be showing you the street scenes we passed along the way. We took a rather circuitous route so as to view some incredible finds. For instance, the building below is Ajuntament de Palma (City Hall of Palma) at Plaça de Cort (Court Square) about five minutes’ walk north northeast of the palace and cathedral:

Palma City Hall

And if you don’t think this 17th century structure is all that interesting, that’s because you’re not looking higher up, beneath the roof overhang. The whole overhang is decorated with hand-carved wood panels and figures such as this:

Palma City Hall

Make sure you look up and down the side streets. Otherwise you might miss things such as this medieval arch (Arco de la Almudaina) on Carrer de l’Almudiana as seen from Carrer d’En Morei:

Medieval arch over cobbled streets

After this side excursion we’re nearly back to the point where we started, Palma Cathedral, just a minute or so east of the royal palace. Construction of the cathedral began in 1229, but was not completed until 1601.

Impressive flying buttresses

For the rest of today’s tour I’ll just show you the sights as we meander along the perimeter:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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