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Ireland — Blarney Castle Poison Garden

Blarney Castle Poison Garden — Please Don’t Eat the “Daisies”

A short stroll from Blarney Castle, located behind the battlements, is a rather recent edition to the ground. This is the Blarney Castle Poison Garden, which we’ll view today on the blog.

Warning Signs Abound!

Some of the plants here are not so much poisonous as they are beautiful to behold:

Multi-hued tree

While others are cordoned off more for being recreational, albeit illegal, rather than outright dangerous:

WARNING: Keep Off The “Grass,” “Weed,” or whatever else you want to call it

But enough of the the plants. Let’s take another look at some of the castle’s details. Remember the Blarney Stone we talked about last Wednesday? It’s 85 feet/26 meters above the ground, and directly above this yarn-adorned “window”:

Yarn-adorned window on the South Wall

But we have another site to visit here on the castle grounds. So, let’s swing around for one last look at the North Wall before heading for the Stable Yard:

Blarney Castle North Wall

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