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Mediterranean Cruise 2022 — Walking Murcia and Back to Cartagena

Teatro Romea on the Plaza Julían Romea in Murcia, Spain

Our next Murcia destination on foot was Plaza Julían Romea, where we walked by the Teatro Romea. Queen Isabella II inaugurated this old theater in 1862. After two devastating fires, the theater was inaugurated a third time in 1901, and Queen Sofia reopened it in 1988 following a rehabilitation. So, this place has had more reopenings than an Atlantic City casino!

Teatro Romea

In the Plaza Julían Romea, across from the southeast corner of the theater, is a monument to composer Manuel Fernández:

Manuel Fernández Caballero monument

Just east of the theater is the Church of Santo Domingo, where you’ll find this interesting architectural detail above the main entrance:

Church of Santo Domingo, Plaza Julían Romea, Murcia, Spain

After our foot tour of Murcia, we boarded the bus and headed back into Cartagena.

Street Walking in Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena has a long-ago connection to the Roman Empire, and Roman ruins are in abundance here. So, on foot, we set out for Barrio y museo del foro romano de Cartagena (Neighborhood and Museum of the Roman Forum of Cartagena). Along the way we passed some interesting ruins of a more modern era:

Decrepit buildings in Cartagena

But six minutes’ walk later we were in Plaza de San Francisco, where we found this statue to Spanish actor Isidoro Máiquez:

Plaza de San Francisco

There are some really neat buildings in this area, and this one reminded me a little (very little) of Antoni Gaudí:

Near Plaza de San Francisco

Alas, the Roman Forum photo opportunities were a bust because the ruins are beneath a protective cover, and the view is camera-obscured behind fencing. You’ll have to content yourself with this:

Roman Forum Museum (archeological dig site)

Leaving behind the Roman Forum and heading west along Calle Hondo we reached Plaza San Sebastián and Palacio de Capitanía General:

Palacio de Capitanía General on Plaza San Sebastián

Wednesday we’ll continue our foot tour of Cartagena.

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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