Mediterranean Cruise 2022 — Murcia, Spain; 

Calle Trapería; facing north from Plaza Hernández Amores

It’s time to leave Murcia Cathedral behind us and move on from Plaza Hernández Amores:

Plaza Hernández Amores

Our next stop is something you may have finding if you’re not with a tour. We’re going to step inside this place on Calle Trapería, about two minutes’ walk north from the cathedral:

Real Casino de Murcia

Real Casino de Murcia dates to 1847, and it’s a private club catering to the bourgeois class of Murcia. Inside this eclectic building you’ll find a plethora of wonderous gems, including this enclosed Arabic-themed courtyard:

Real Casino de Murcia; enclosed Arabic-themed courtyard

And this statue of Icarus before he flew too close to the sun and melted the wax holding together his wings:


Before we head on up the street, let’s zoom in on some detail in that Arabic courtyard:

Real Casino de Murcia’s awesome Arabic courtyard

As you continue north along Calle Trapería you’ll find some interesting photographic subjects, including Palacio Almodóvar:

Palacio Almodóvar

Followed by Plaza de Santo Domingo and the remnants of an old Domican Order monastery and the Church of Santo Domingo:

The towers and dome of Convent of Santo Domingo and Rosary Chapel

Don’t forget to look back south along Calle Trapería for this view before you leave:

The view of Calle Trapería looking south from Plaza de Santo Domingo

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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