Mediterranean Cruise 2022 — Ibiza; Entering Eivissa’s walled Dalt Vila (Old Town)

Dalt Vila (High Town; Ibiza Old Town)

Now that the Christmas holiday is over, and I’ve completed an eight-day run of past Christmas articles, it’s time to return for one more week’s worth of touring Ibiza. And today we start with touring the walled Dalt Vila, otherwise known as Old Town Eivissa (Ibiza City). As you head south toward the main Portal de ses Taules gate leading into Dalt Vila you’ll notice that the skyline is dominated by the belltower of Catedral de Santa Maria de la Neu de Vila d’Eivissa (Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Snow) or, simply, Ibiza Cathedral:

Ibiza Cathedral belltower

As you approach Dalt Vila from the north you’ll walk up a long, slopped stone ramp. At the top of the ramp lies Dalt Vila’s main gate, Portal de ses Taules (Gate of the Tables) built in 1585. The gateway is flanked by Roman statuary:

Portal de ses Taules left-side statue

While above you are greeted by the coat of arms for King Phillip II:

King Philip 11 of Spain coat of arms

Once inside the main city gate we began a long, uphill trek through narrow streets:

Dalt Vila streets

Here you can see a tower jutting from the church of Sant Domènec de Vila:

Sant Domènec de Vila

Atop the fortification, just north of Sant Domènec de Vila, one is gifted with a spectacular view of Eivissa’s Marina Botafoc:

Marina Botafoc

In Wednesday’s article we’ll look around the streets of Dalt Vila, then head back toward Marina Botafoc. Until then:

Слава Україні! (Slava Ukraini!)


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