Transatlantic 2022 — Valencia; Reaching Sagunto

Iglesia de Santa María in Sagunto, Spain

Our tour left Valencia and traveled north for our next destination, the city of Sagunto, site of the Roman city of Saguntum. And Sagunto has it all — a gothic church (Iglesia de Santa María) begun in 1334 and not completed until centuries later; a wonderful archeological museum (Museo Arqueologico de Sagunto) featuring Roman artifacts; a recently restored 8,000-seat Roman theater, and Sagunto Castle overlooking the city and dating back to the 8th century.

Old tower on Calle del Castell near Plaza Mayor

We were advised that the trek would be uphill, so several of our group decided to forego the walk and imbibe in some beer at one of the outdoor cafés at the southeast corner of Plaza Mayor. The rest of us followed our guide as he headed south along Calle del Castell. Along this stretch you’ll find scenes such as:

Roman Theatre up ahead

You’ll know when you’re about to reach the archeological history museum when you pass this charmer:

Side streets Calle de Cubertorer and Calle Dels Delors

We’re here, so let’s step inside and look around:

Stepping back out onto the street, we headed east along Calle Dels Delors as we made our way to the Roman Theatre. Take a look back to find the bell tower of Santa María poking above the tiled roofs of Sagunto:

Sagunto street scene

But don’t just look back. Look up as well to find Sagunto Castle high above:

Sagunto Castle


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