Transatlantic 2022 — Tenerife; Teide and Mirador de la Ruleta

Teide National Park

Today I’m taking you on a photo journey to an alien landscape. We’re now deep within the Teide National Park (Parque Nacional del Teide), an area of lava fields from the tallest peak of any Atlantic Ocean island — Teide volcano (12,188 feet/3,715 meters). We’ll begin with images from the area of the park known as Minas de San José. Here’s the view heading out on foot southbound from our parked bus:

View from Minas de San José at Teide National Park

Remnants of the lave field are in evidence everywhere:

Teide lava fields

In the above scene I found the outcropping to the left particularly fascinating, so I zoomed in for a closer look:

Lava outcropping

From the road Teide volcano is hidden, but it reveals itself after only a short walk. Turn around and look west for this view of Teide:

Teide volcanic cone

What initially blocks your view of Teide is another lava outcropping, so let’s head back over to the other side of the road and take a look at that:

A flow of lava frozen in the landscape
Rugged lava field

One last look back before we load up on the tour bus and head for our next stop:

View from Minas de San José at Teide National Park

Back aboard the bus we now head out to a place in Teide National Park called Mirador de la Ruleta (Roulette Viewpoint). You’ll see more of that fascinating place next Monday (this week’s Fun Photo Friday will concentrate on another Tenerife destination). So, until then, I’ll whet your appetite with these two preview shots:

Roulette Viewpoint and the Mount Teide volcano
Mirador de la Ruleta formations

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