Transatlantic 2022 — La Palma; Calle O’Daly and Plaza de España

Flags (left to right): Canary Islands, Spain, La Palma

At the conclusion of Monday’s article on our transatlantic Vision of the Seas arrival into La Palma in the Canary Islands, I was showing you our trek onto Santa Cruz d La Palma’s fun pedestrian street Calle O’Daly. Today we continue that northeasterly trek to where Calle O’Daly becomes Calle Real for a short stretch before changing names again to Calle Anselmo Pérez de Brito.

Heading down Calle O’Daly early in the morning

The street scenes here are lovely with brightly colored pennants, picturesque balconies, wonderful streetlights protruding from building façades, and cafés with umbrellas offering shade to patrons.

Calle O’Daly street scene

But as lovely as this street is, things get really interesting where it changes names to Calle Real. It is here that the street fronts Plaza de España with its Renaissance architecture and Iglesia Matriz de El Salvador (Mother Church of El Salvador) with her incredible stone bell tower. Here is the church entrance and a statue of Manuel Diaz Hernandez:

Iglesia Matriz de El Salvador

Let’s take another look at that massive red door:

Iglesia Matriz de El Salvador

On the westside of Plaza de España is what appears to be a brightly decorated open air altar:

Plaza de España

But, wait… what am I forgetting? Oh, I know. I mentioned the beautiful stone belltower:

Iglesia Matriz de El Salvador belltower

Disregard the clock on that belltower. It was still early morning when I zoomed in on the upper details:

The bells of Iglesia Matriz de El Salvador

Don’t forget to occasionally turn around to view from a different perspective the areas you’ve already passed. About three minutes’ walk past the church, well after Calle Real becomes Calle Anselmo Pérez de Brito, you’ll be able to capture the buildings from atop a hill:

Looking back

Needless to say, looking east occasionally will give you charming views such as this mottled white and blue statue of a whale on the black sand beach from which Santa Cruz de La Palma is famous:

This week’s Fun Photo Friday will be the first of three dedicated to Santa Cruz de La Palma. See you then!

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