Barcelona — Gothic Quarter Details and Fun Photos

Today and Wednesday I’m not going to waste a lot of your time with text, as no matter where you turn in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter you’re going to find some fun stuff to see and photograph. Take for instance the tiny door pictured below. I positioned Ursula next two if for size perspective. Beyond graffiti decorated doors, there’s just a lot of rich details in this area going back many, many centuries.

Local Color on a Small Door

Fortunately, the streets were mostly empty. That allowed me to take some great shots without people adorned in bright colors traipsing through the frame. The light rain wetting the streets didn’t hurt, either:

Wet Streets make Great Shots

Here we have a rather charming fountain:

Gothic Quarter Fountain

Here in the Gothic Quarter you’ll find present day intruding upon the past:

A Touch of Red; A Streak of Green

Beyond that you’ll find fun architectural details around every corner:

Pigeons LOVE this Place

I’ll leave you with the following photos until Wednesday’s continuation into the Gothic Quarter:

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter
Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter
Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter
Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter



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2 responses to “Barcelona — Gothic Quarter Details and Fun Photos

  1. Thank you for these beautiful images…they have me dreaming of travel and thinking about how those streets might feel, what sounds are around you…smells. Thanks for the daydream 🙂