Ireland — Waterford

Time to start heading back to our ship, Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas, but first our tour brings us to the town of Waterford. Let’s start with Reginald’s Tower, a 54-foot/16-meter stone tower most likely constructed in the mid- to late-13th century:

Reginald’s Tower, Waterford, Ireland

Around the corner from Reginald’s Tower, on Bailey’s New Street, stand the ruins of Greyfriars Abbey, also known as French Church (and sometimes called Blackfriars Abbey as if that wasn’t confusing enough).

But that’s not even the coolest thing at this site. See that carved wood in the left photo above? Let’s hone in on that object. This is the longest Viking Sword in the world — the Dragon Slayer Sword:

The World’s Longest Viking Sword — The Dragon Slayer Sword

Okay, the lighting wasn’t exactly conducive to an all-encompassing shot, and the area was so small that composition was lacking. I get it. So, that being said, let’s take a closer look at different sections of this carving:

And just around the corner from all that was this neat door at Aherlow House on the corner of Bailey’s New Street and Greyfriars:

Aherlow House

In front of Aherlow House is this statue of Franciscan friar and Irish historian Luke Wadding:

Friar Luke Wadding

And finally for today I shall leave you with this image I took inside the Mayor’s Treasury Exhibit of the Waterford Medieval Museum:

Waterford Medieval Museum; Mayor’s Treasury Exhibit


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  1. I give your photos a “Love,” Brother! Thank you for sharing!