Fall Foliage Cruise — Taking in Québec’s Fall Foliage

Greens, Yellows, and Reds

As we strolled through the streets of Quebec City, Ursula and I were not disappointed in our introduction to the area’s fall foliage. The colors were stunning, and of a far wider range of colors than the fall foliage we sought out in our trip through New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle (Part 1; Part 2; and Fun Photo Friday favorites). Whereas that trip gave us impressive yellows and golds set against a backdrop of mostly dark greens, this foliage was an explosion of reds and oranges in addition to the yellows and golds, and the backdrop consisted of lighter, more enticing shades of green:

Seeing red in Quebec

This next image allowed me to capture a subtle, graduated transition from reds at the top to oranges, followed by yellows trailing into light greens:

Graduating from orange, to yellow, to light green

Of course, it’s always fun to play around with depth-of-field (see: Controlling Depth-of-Field):

Playing with depth-of-field

But enough fall foliage today. Let’s take a look at scenes Quebec City has to offer year round, such as the Monument Samuel De Champlain:

Monument to Samuel de Champlain

The base of this monument is also photo-worthy, especially if you can compose another landmark behind it such as the dome topping the Louis S. St. Laurent Building:

Champlain Monument and Louis S. St. Laurent Building

So, you think finances are boring? Au contraire, mon ami, as they would say around here. Take a look at Quebec City’s Ministry of Finance:

Ministry of Finance Building (1887)

Ministry of Finance Building (1887)

Another view of the dome atop the Louis S. St. Laurent Building with just a hint of fall foliage thrown in:

Louis S. St. Laurent Building

And, finally for today, I’ll leave you with this Jean Lasalle sculpture commemorating the 325th anniversary of the death of Marie of the Incarnation, an Ursuline nun who was canonized April 2, 2014.

Jean Lasalle sculpture—Ursuline School for Girls


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